The simulation is a speculative realm in Target of Desire.


The simulation is the realm described by Maria in her blog.

Maria asks the readers, "Are you living in a simulation?"

But who is her target audience?


The Video Game

Maria exists in the video game, at least partially.

Her blog shows that she has some degree of awareness that the video game is a simulation.

However that doesn't necessarily mean she is writing about the video game in her blog post.

The University

Maria might be writing her blog to her colleagues at the University.

The University might be part of the video game, but it might be a separate realm.


Maia exists in the video game, but not necessarily the simulation described by Maria in her blog.

The Audience

The audience is able to read Maria's blog. The audience exists on Earth.

Maria might also exist on Earth, and she is discussing the possibility that Earth is a simulation.

Then, the University (where Maria works) might also be on Earth.

However, the University might be a separate realmEarth might be part of a simulation, and the simulation is a research project in the University.

Maria might even be the creator of the simulation, of which Earth is a part.

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