An exploration of the The Men in Suits Are Imaginary theory.


After visiting the wise man, Maia finds herself laying in the grass. She sees Maria, and Maria tells her that they are outside of the psychiatric hospital.


Maria tells Maia they are outside of the psychiatric hospital.

This indicates the possibility that some of what Maia is seeing might be in her imagination.

In the beginning of Episode 1, it appears that Maia is laying on the ground in a warehouse. It is possible that she is actually strapped to a table in the hospital.


Is Maia bound to a table?

Then somehow she escapes from the table and is wandering around the hospital, but she imagines that she is escaping from men in suits. Eventually she calls someone for help, and the large man takes her to the room with the wise man.

The Wise Man

What does he think when Maia tells him about imaginary men in suits?

The large man might be somone who works at the hospital, and the wise man might be Maia's doctor. He would likely be concerned when Maia asks him about the imaginary men in suits that she is seeing. This may explain why he apologizes to Maia, and the has the large man carry her away, possibly back to her room in hospital.

Somehow, Maia ends up laying in the grass outside of the hospital, where she sees Maria. Maria takes Maia back to her place. Likely Maria is taking Maia back to her room in hospital.

Maia might have escaped from the large man, or escaped after the large man brought her back to her room. Then she wandered out of the hospital and found herself laying in the grass outside of the hospital.

It's also possible that the grassy area is Maia's "happy place" - a place inside her mind where she goes to meet Maria when she is stressed out. Then she would have been sleeping in her room, instead of being outside of the hospital.

Questions Edit

  • Where was Maia going when she thought she was escaping from the men in suits?
  • Did Maia ever actually leave the hospital grounds?
  • Does the wise man work at the hospital?
  • Where did the large man take Maia?
  • How much time elapsed between Maia's time in the room with the wise man and when she was laying in the grass?
  • Where was Maia sleeping at the end of Episode 1?
  • Is Maria also imaginary?

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