An exploration of the The Men in Suits Are Hitmen theory.


Maia encounters men in suits in the warehouse. The men in suits follow Maia when she escapes on her motorcycle. The men in suits are already at the cabin when Maia arrives.

They seem to know exactly where Maia is, and they are always waiting for her or following her. They always have their guns aimed at Maia.

If they are hitmen, who hired them? Why is Maia their "target"?

The Wise Man

Did he hire the men in suits?

Eventually, Maia is bound and blindfolded and taken to a room with the wise man. She asks him about the men in suits.

He then apologizes to her, and the large man carries away her body.

The men in suits seemed to stop bothering Maia when she was with the wise man or the large man (who works for the wise man), but they also never bothered Maia when she was with Maria.

This might indicate that the wise man hired the hitmen to bring Maia to him, but it is also possible that he is protecting her from the person who hired the hitmen. He might even know who that person is, but he doesn't want to get involved. Perhaps he even delivered Maia to the other crime boss.

Notice that the end result was that Maia was brought to Maria.


  • Who hired the hitmen?
  • Why is Maia a target for hitmen?
  • Did the wise man hire the hitmen?
  • Did Maria hire the hitmen?
  • Why wouldn't the wise man answer Maia's question about the hitmen?
  • Why is Maia safe from the hitmen in the presence of the wise man?
  • Why aren't the hitmen around when Maria is there?

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