The dream is a speculative realm in Target of Desire.


The dream is a realm based in the theory that Maia is dreaming during part or all of her story.  The dream is a realm that Maia enters when she is sleeping. It is not a known realm.


Maria may exist in Maia's dream, depending on what part of the story is the dream.

It is also possible that Maria is there, in the grass, when Maia wakes up from her dream.


There are several times in Episode 1 where Maia could be waking up or falling asleep. (This is not necessarily a comprehensive list).

  • Maia begins the episode laying on the ground in the warehouse. She is startled by the presence of men in suits.
  • Later in the episode, she finds herself blindfolded by the large man, and then appears in a room with the wise man.
  • After talking to the wise man, her body is carried away by the large man, and she ends up laying in the grass outside of a place that Maria calls the psychiatric hospital.
  • At the end of the episode, Maia goes to Maria's place. She lays down on what appears to be a sofa.

The Audience

The audience is able to view a lot of what happens in Maia's dream. They are not known to exist in the dream.

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