An exploration of the Maria is the boss theory.


If Maria is the boss. that means she told the men in suits to follow Maia. That doesn't necessarily mean that Maia didn't call her, aftere Maia escaped the men in suits at the cabin. In other words, Maria could still be the helper.

The Helper

Is Maia calling Maria?

Maria happens to be right there when Maia is laying is the grass. Maria tells Maia that they are outside of the psychiatric hospital, but, in this theory, that information is suspect. Then Maria brings Maia to her place for "safety", and she lets Maia sleep on her sofa.


  • Why did Maria tell the men in suits to follow Maia?
  • At the cabin, who did Maia call?
  • What is Maria's relationship to the wise man?
  • Was Maia really outside of a psychiatric hospital?
  • Why was Maria outside of the psychiatric hospital with Maia?
  • Why did Maria bring Maia to her place?

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