Maria is a main character in Target of Desire.


Maria's background is unknown, except that she works at the University.

Powers and Abilities


The Video Game

Maria is not known to exist in The Video Game.

The Psychiatric Hospital

Episode 1

Maria first appears in Episode 1.  She discovers a frightened Maia outside of the psychiatric hospitalMaia tells Maria that "It's not safe here", so Maria allows Maia to stay at her "place" and sleep on what appears to Maia to be a sofa.

The Blogosphere

Maria communicates with people in the Blogosphere through her blog.

Maria can publish her blog in the Blogosphere, but she is not known to exist in the Blogosphere.


The people of Earth can read Maria's blog and can play the video game, but Maria is not known to exist on Earth.

The University

According to her blog, Maria works at the University.


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