Maia finds herself laying on the grass. The first thing she sees is Maria. She asks, "Where am I?" Maria informs her that she is outside of the psychiatric hospital.

This is the first indication that Maia might be a patient in the hospital.

It is possibe that Maia was a patient, and she was returned to the hospital. Perhaps, the wise man put her in the hospital, or perhaps he is a doctor.

It is also possible that Maria put Maia in the hospital, and Maria's place is Maia's new room in the hospital.


  • Is the wise man her psychiatrist?
  • Does the large man work at the hospital?
  • Who are the men in suits?
  • Where Is the room?
  • Why is Maia a patient in the hospital?
  • Who put Maia in the hospital?

Note that the men in suits and Maia both wear business suits.

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