An exploration of the Maia is Maria theory.


Often a super hero will have a secret identity.  The secret identity looks exactly the same as the super hero.  The only difference is the costume.  They can't be in the same place at the same time. Viewing a super hero and the secret identity next to each other, it would be obvious that it was the same person.  

In this theory, Maia is the super hero, and Maria is the secret identity.  Maria puts on her suit (business suit) and mask (sunglasses), puts her hair in a pony tail, and fights crime (the men in suits) as Maia.

In this case, it is not obvious if Maria looks like Maia. Maria and Maia are in the same place at the same time. Outside of the psychiatric hospital, Maia actually has a conversation with Maria, and, in Maria's place, they both sit on the sofa together.

However, nobody else sees Maria, except Maia, so they are not necessarily in the same place at the same time. Maria could be talking to herself.

The events in the video game are from Maia's perspective, or, in this theory, Maria's perspective. Other characters might not be seeing the same thing that Maria is seeing.


  • If Maria wears a pony tail and sunglasses, does she look like Maia?
  • Are Maria and Maia separate individuals? or different personas of the same person?
  • What does Maia look like to other people?
  • Does Maria have the same abilities as Maia appears to have?

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