An exploration of the Maia is Dreaming theory.


The Warehouse

The first scene in Episode 1 shows Maia laying on the ground in a warehouse.


Maia laying in the warehouse.

Blindfolded Maia

Later, Maia is blindfolded by the large man, and finds herself in a room with The Wise Man.


Maia is blindfolded by the large man.

Outside of the "Psychiatric Hospital"

Maia is also laying on the grass in what Maria says is "outside of the psychiatric hospital."


Maia laying on the grass "outside of the psychiatric hospital."

Maria's Sofa

In the final scene, Maia goes to sleep on Maria's sofa.


Maia laying on Maria's sofa.


There are many opportunities for Maia to dream. If she is dreaming, when is she dreaming and when is she awake?

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