Maia is a main character in Target of Desire.


Maia is followed by men in suits. She tries to avoid them, while trying to discover why they are following her.

Powers and Abilities

Maia can shoot 2 guns simultaneously. She can shoot and ride a motorcycle at the same time.

The Video Game

Episode 1

Maia first appears in Episode 1. She is laying on the ground in a warehouse. She notices men in suits following her.

She escapes on a motorcycle to a cabin in the mountains. She finds the men in suits waiting for her.

She is able to call someone for help. Then the large man blindfolds her, and she ends up in a room with the wise man.

She asks the wise man why the men in suits are chasing her. He apologizes to Maia before the large man carries away her body.

The Psychiatric Hospital

Episode 1

After the large man carries Maia away, she finds herself laying in the grass. She sees Maria. Maria informs her that they are "outside of the psychiatric hospital."

Maia tells Maria that "It's not safe here", so Maria allows Maia to stay at her "place" and sleep on her sofa.

The Blogosphere

Maia is not known to exist in The Blogosphere.


Maia is not known to exist on Earth.

The University

Maia is not known to exist in the University, unless the psychiatric hospital is part of the University.

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